Saturday, April 14, 2007

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Monday, March 19, 2007


So that is it. Next stop, Launch 2007!

Thanks to everyone who visited this Blog and for all those who gave feedback. And a especially big thanks to Bruce Tennant for his regular contribution of photo's.

According to Hugh's report on Sunday evening, everything is complete as per the contract. We still have many tasks to do such as installing the zinc anodes on the sheet pile, installing the mast stepper on the new base, building and installing the new gangway for the launch pad area, preparing additional electrical boxes for the new docks, installing the pump-out station, pounding over 100 pilings, launching the docks, including new ones, and then installing the services everyone expects. WOW! That is quite a list and no doubt there are other things to do.

Needless to say, this all cannot be done by two, or even 10, people. We are a volunteer club and to have a timely launch, with berths ready to go for the warm weather, we will all have to work together.

The budget for 2007 has been completed, the fixture card will be available soon and John Boyd starts in two weeks. Please consider how you would like to participate and then contact the appropriate director. To see a list of the directors and their contact information, click HERE.

Thanks again for visiting, and have a Great Summer!

Photo's Bruce

Monday, March 12, 2007


We walked down to the Breakwater last evening. It is very nice that the weather has warmed up enough to comfortably get out in the evening. Now with the later sunsets, we will be able to work on our boats longer. I find sailors get a little fidgety when things start to melt and the snow disappears of the boat covers. I know, they are forecasting snow on Thursday, but I guy can dream!?!

If you haven't made it down to the project lately you probably haven't seen all the cement that has been poured over the past couple of weeks. And by the looks of it much of it will never be seen again. I am speaking of the sheet pile support blocks that are tied with a long metal rod to the back of the sheet pile. The are substantial. Once they are buried, they will be out of sight. The one large cement block that will be seen for a long time is the foundation for the gangway.

There was an interesting phenomenon we saw last evening. The 80% of the ice in the inner harbour was covered with water - probably 6 or 8 inches. It must have been run-off as it was muddy coloured. It was flowing across the ice near 'A' dock and running into a crack in the ice beside the wharf.

When I get an update from the Breakwater Committee, I will post it here. From a major construction point of view things are starting to wind down. We will see more detail work being done. If anyone has any interesting photo's, please don't hesitate to send them to me.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Launching Pad

The Sheet Pile has been driven into place, never to move again! They have anchored it back to a huge concrete block that has been poured in place. You will see the tie rods that stretch from the sheet pile, back about 25 feet, to the block. It will all be buried soon. We won't see the concrete block. This is where the boats will be launched, the mast stepper will be installed, and the gangway down to the floating docks (dock "C" maybe?) will be attached.

Bruce provided the photo's. The dates they were taken can be see superimposed on each picture. In this post it goes from newest to oldest.

Pouring Cement. They insulated it after they were done. It generates enough heat that is sets properly as long as it is insulated.

The vertical green pipe is for the mast stepper.

The sheet pile looks nice and straight in this shot

Some finishing touches.

The sheet pile was very ragged across the top edge before they cut it level.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sheet Pile

As you will see from the photo's, there are some big changes happening now. According to Hugh Scarth, the Sheet Pile could be done this week, weather and equipment permitting. Bruce provided the photo's and included a note that the I-beams that can be seen in the photo's are there on a temporary basis. They are being used to provide support for the scaffolding and will be removed as the sheet-pile will be self supporting. If anyone has any other info, please pass it on.

Looks like our own version of 'Big Sky Country'

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is more of a
Pile vibrator!?! The combination of vibration and
weight cause the sheet pile to gradually sink into
the soil.
First Pile
North-South face

This is a good photo as it shows the 'face' of the
dock where boats will be launched in the spring.
The 'face' is to the left of the gentlemen in the red
coveralls and stretches up towards the club. The
orientation of this section is north-south.

In this photo they have turned the corner to begin
the east-west portion of the sheet pile. This section
will be where a new gangplank will eventually
be installed to the docks, running parallel, and
attached, to the breakwater.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Bi-Law Committee Update (And Breakwater Pictures)

Bi-Law Committee Update

The Bi-Law committee met for the 3rd time last evening. It was nice that we were able to get the 5 committee members all together! Our next meeting is scheduled for March 25. Everyone seems to feel we are making positive progress on the review, and to quote George: "My initial thoughts were that this was going to be a laborious task of going through a bunch of 'legaleze' but I've found the discussions to be excellent, with full input from everyone." If the work to date is any indication, the Board and membership will see positive results from the effort put into the process by the committee.


Any of you who has been down to the wharf will have seen a lot more activity. Irving Equipment has set-up to begin installing the sheet pile.

I understand from Bruce (who provided the photo's) that it was really blowing down there - and as many of us know, that is nearly a 10 mile stretch of open ice - not much to slow it down!

Hey, what happened to Long Island - I know it's out there somewhere! I wouldn't be surprised if they saw
a couple of ice shacks scooting by...

See the wind blowing the snow across the
road in front of the club!?!